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BBC appoints its first Chief Customer Officer

The BBC has appointed its first ever Chief Customer Officer, to help develop "a closer, more personal relationship" with licence fee payers.

What sounds at first like a script from comedy series W1A, which famously lampooned BBC management and its attempts to engage with audiences, the new role will cover the interactions between the BBC and licence fee payers as well as those non-licence fee payers who sign in to BBC online services.

Kerris Bright (pictured), who is moving from her current Marketing role at Virgin Media, is to take up the new post, with the BBC’s existing Marketing and Audiences team and Licence Fee Unit reporting into this new role to form a new customer relationship management function. 

Explaining the reasons behind the creation of this new role, Tony Hall, BBC Director-General, said
 “Across the BBC we’re working hard to reinvent the organisation for a new generation. Making sure the BBC of the future is uniquely tailored to everyone, and available when and where audiences want it - will be critical to our success. We’re making good progress with over 12 million people already signed in use the BBC iPlayer, but I want us to step up our efforts on personalisation in the months ahead. Kerris’s appointment will help us be even more ambitious in this area.”

Anne Bulford, the BBC's Deputy Director-General, added:
“This appointment will allow us to better understand and engage with our audiences across all our platforms. Kerris brings a wealth of experience to this role as we look to build on the progress we’ve made towards a more personalised BBC. She has worked at some of the biggest names in UK industry and will help deliver a step-change in our relationship with our audience.”

This is what Kerris Bright had to say of her appointment:
“I’m thrilled to be joining one of the world’s greatest brands at a time when competition for the attention of our audience has never been more challenging and multi-dimensional. The opportunity to play a role in creating the next chapter of the BBC’s story was irresistible. In pursuing this goal, I have one very simple governing idea: putting the customer at the heart of what we do will be central to the BBC’s long term vitality and success.”