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Sony Crime, TruTV and The Vault: changes on Freeview

Sony Pictures Television has made a number of changes to its Freeview channels, to make way for the new Sony Crime Channel.

Sony Crime Channel has launched on Freeview channel 60, replacing True Crime. Coinciding with the launch, channel 60 is now available to around 90% of the UK - its predecessor had limited coverage.

To make this coverage boost possible, TruTV on channel 68 has been removed from the national Freeview service, but continues in local TV coverage areas only - i.e. viewers will only be able to continue watching TruTV if they live in an area served by a local TV channel on either Freeview channel 7 or 8.

TruTV+1 has been removed entirely. In its place, on channel 69, Sony Crime Channel+1 is available in local TV coverage areas only as a part-time channel.

The changes to TruTV come a year after Sony Pictures Television took over the UK version of the channel and follow disappointing ratings.

Meanwhile, The Vault - evenings on channel 75 in local TV coverage areas since last year - has been withdrawn from the multiplex.

Although the launch of Sony Crime Channel was first announced last month, none of the associated technical changes to Freeview, including the resulting loss of TruTV for some viewers were announced to viewers, and Sony Pictures Television's social media teams had been advising viewers to retune to receive the new service on channel 60 several days before it became widely available.

Due to the multiple changes that have taken place, most Freeview viewers will need to retune.