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Sky announces 2018 price rises

Sky has confirmed it is increasing some of its prices from April.

The changes to Sky's prices will mainly affect users who are out of the initial contract period with Sky. Affected customers are being contacted by Sky.

Viewers outside of the initial contract period for Sky Sports will see the cost of their service increase from £27.50 to £28 a month. But the cost of its newly introduced TV packages, including the £20 Sky Entertainment pack are not changing.

However, some broadband packages are increasing by £1.01 a month.

From 1st May 2018, the cost of certain parts of Sky Talk's service (landline phone) will increase. 1571 voicemail will increase by £0.75 a month to £2, while connection charges will increase from 19p to 22p a call, except for those calls that are part of an inclusive call package.

The charge for Pay As You Talk calls and non-inclusive calls on other packages to UK mobiles made during the evening will increase from 14.25p per minute to 17p per minute, while the charge for non-inclusive calls to UK landlines will increase from 12.54p per minute to 14.65p per minute.

The access charge for calls to service numbers (starting 084, 087, 09 and 118) will increase from 11.5p per minute to 13p per minute.

If you are a Sky customer, you should receive an email about how Sky's changes will affect you by 23rd March 2018. If you don't receive one, then the Sky packages you are using are not changing.

Affected customers may use the price rise as an opportunity to haggle with Sky or leave the company.