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Radioplayer launches new app and branding

Official pan-industry online radio platform Radioplayer has gone live with a new app and brand.

The re-designed app and new brand follows months of user-testing and prototyping and include support for connected car system Smart Device, which is used by Ford and Toyota.

With the change, the new Radioplayer "R" logo, first announced by RadioPlayer Germany in December, is rolled out to end users in the UK. The launch is supported by a significant advertising campaign, running across UK radio, with the message that Radioplayer gives you ‘radio everywhere you go'. London buses (see above) will also carry the campaign.

What's new on the Radioplayer app?
New features include:
  • A cleaner interface with the new Radioplayer branding
  • Faster start-up and streaming, plus a new ‘high quality’ mode
  • New expandable playbar, housing all the key controls
  • Easier to find and play podcasts and catch-up programmes
  • Automatic ‘series linking’ for your favourite shows, easier to spot new episodes
  • Integration with Smart Device Link (a ‘connected car’ system used by Ford and Toyota)

The brand and apps are being launched in phases, with the UK rolling out first to iPhones, iPads, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Radioplayer Managing Director Michael Hill said: 
‘Radioplayer was already the top-rated radio app, used by millions of listeners in the UK and around the world. Our brilliant new design raises the bar once more, and will help radio remain central to listeners’ lives, wherever they are. I’m immensely proud of the collaborative work we’ve done on the app, the brand, and the marketing campaign.’

App user research was carried out by 100 Shapes, with supplementary design from Pixel 9. App development was done by All In Media. The new Radioplayer brand was developed by PIN Creative. The radio campaign was produced by Radioville.

Radioplayer is the industry’s shared radio platform, backed in the UK by the BBC, Global, Bauer and Radiocentre. The non-profit operation launched in the UK in 2011 and has now rolled out across eight countries including Germany, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Austria, and Peru.