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End of over-the-air Freeview TV software updates

The DTG is closing its over-the-air software download service, dubbed "The Engineering Channel".

Since the launch of Freeview, TV and set-top-box manufacturers have been able to use a dedicated data stream that was broadcast in the background alongside the BBC's digital TV signals to send software updates to their receivers.

The stream was last used by Humax to update its HDR-2000T & HDR-1800T receivers. But many devices now connect to the internet, which enables manufacturers to quickly and efficiently deploy any software updates to devices.  Therefore, "The Engineering Channel" is closing on 30th April 2018 after "many years of faithful service", according to the Digital TV Group (DTG), who are custodians of the specifications and standards that govern UK free-to-air terrestrial and satellite television.

Internet connectivity was part of the specification for receivers that wanted to display the "Freeview HD" logo, and is now an integral part of the newer Freeview Play service. Most manufacturers don't issue updates for older non-connected TVs or boxes.