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Staggered launch for Sony Crime Channel

Sony Crime Channel's debut next month looks set to be delayed on some digital TV platforms.

Last week, the broadcaster announced it would launch the channel on 6th February 2018 and be available on all main platforms. It will focus on crime drama, and provide a free-to-air premiere of Orange is the New Black.

However, its launch on Virgin Media has been thrown into jeopardy following failed negotiations with the two parties. On Tuesday, the broadcaster removed all original references of availability on Virgin Media across its web and social media services. Subject to any late developments between the broadcaster and cable operator, cable viewers were due to continue receiving the Sony Channel on the 6th February 2018, but with a revised schedule: we will update the site with the latest information.

Sony Crime Channel: latest information 

Since the original announcement last week, it's now been confirmed by Sony Pictures Television that Freesat viewers will also gain access to Sony Crime. Current statements from the broadcaster say the channel will launch one week later than on other platforms on 13th February 2018. Freesat currently carries True Crime as part of its channel offering on channel 143.

On Freeview and YouView, Sony Crime is due to replace True Crime on channel 60. Channel 60 currently has limited UK coverage.

On Sky, the current Sony Channel and +1 channel will be replaced with Sony Crime Channel and Sony Crime Channel+1.  Advance television listings published this week show that for Sky viewers, the current True Crime channel slot will ultimately become Sony Crime 2, which will showcase factual content.

Sony Crime Channel's launch night will be simulcast across True Entertainment and TruTV UK from 9pm to midnight on 6th February.