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Sony Crime preparations: free-to-air testing

Ahead of February's launch of Sony Crime Channel, predecessor service Sony Channel is now being received free-to-air on satellite.

Sony Channel will become the free-to-air Sony Crime Channel on the 6th February 2018. Ahead of the change, a transponder change is taking place. The main channel is currently broadcasting encrypted via satellite on a Pan-European transponder (Astra 2, 11568 V).

However, a new free-to-air copy of both the main channel and a plus 1 service has now been switched on via Sony's main free-to-air UK spotbeam transponder. The transponder is already used for sister channels TruTV, True Entertainment and POP among others and has been subject to a technical change to its parameters to increase the bandwidth required for the incoming services.

Sky and Freesat will adopt the new free-to-air streams once a testing period has been concluded.

Satellite receivers can be manually tuned to the following:
Satellite: Astra 2F (28.2E) 
              - UK Spotbeam
Frequency:    11306
Polarisation: Vertical
Symbol Rate:  27500
FEC:          5/6
Mode:         DVB-S, QPSK
Service ID:   53385 
              (Sony Channel)
              (Sony Ch.+1)

Sony Crime Channel is due to take over the Sky slot of the Sony Channel (ch.157) on the 6th February 2018. Latest information is that Freesat will get the channel a week later - however launch details for the channel are providing to be very fluid - even including the broadcaster backtracking on its original promotion of a Virgin Media launch.