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Freesat selects Intertrust to protect UHD content

Freesat has selected a partner to manage and protect new UHD content coming to the service this year.

The free-to-air satellite TV service has chosen Intertrust Technologies’ ExpressPlay CA content security technology to manage and protect their ultra-high definition content.

ExpressPlay CA is Intertrust’s new cloud-based conditional access security technology designed specifically for modern broadcasters. The technology keeps digital rights secure by ensuring that only licensed users can access the content they are entitled to, fighting piracy and keeping illegal viewing at arm’s length. ExpressPlay CA uses an open standards-based digital rights management system (DRM) known as Marlin to protect and manage content, and is available on a broad base of set top boxes and connected televisions.

Alistair Thom, Managing Director of Freesat, said:
“ExpressPlay CA is a powerful new content protection technology. Its advanced DRM software engine allows us to protect our ultra-high-definition broadcast streams in an effective manner, leading to a significantly lower price point. This in turn allows us to deliver the best possible high-value entertainment experience for our customers.”

Deployed in hundreds of millions of consumer electronics devices around the world, ExpressPlay is a versatile media monetization platform that provides leading rights management and content security capabilities. Intertrust is widely known as the inventor of DRM. The technology is used to protect TV content around the world, and the underlying Marlin DRM engine is used in national ecosystems in the UK, Italy, China and Japan.

Talal Shamoon, CEO of Intertrust added:
“We are delighted to support Freesat in their UHD content protection initiatives in 2018 and beyond. We designed ExpressPlay CA to support broadcasters like Freesat, to bring the power and cost efficiency of DRM to the conditional access world. Given our footprint in connected TVs and set top boxes, we can deliver a seamless, secure experience that scales and grows with broadcasters’ needs.”

Freesat have so far not provided any further detail as to what they are planning with regards UHD TV. The service currently does not have any linear UHD channels; the main driver of UHD content will be via on-demand services on the latest generation of Freesat devices.