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Norway completes national digital radio switchover

Norway has become the first country in the world to switch off all of its national FM networks in favour of DAB+ digital radio.

The final parts of the country were switched over on Wednesday, ending a region-by-region switchover during the course of the past year.

The country now has access to 31 national stations on DAB+, compared to 5 national stations previously carried on analogue FM transmitters.

New digital-only stations now account for about one third of total radio listening, according to the latest data.

Other areas actively moving towards a complete switch to digital radio include South Tyrol, the German-speaking northern region of Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, where a decision about a switch to digital radio will be made once digital listening exceeds 50%. Latvia, on the other hand, has decided to completely withdraw from DAB digital radio for at least the next five years.