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Wireless Group fills local DAB multiplexes with new stations

New youth station Total Access will launch on three local multiplexes

The Wireless Group has announced a raft of new DAB stations.

A total of nine new permanent regional music radio stations will begin broadcasting in the coming months to listeners in Staffordshire and South Cheshire, West Yorkshire, South-West Wales and Scotland.

There will also be seasonal pop-up stations starting Friday for DAB listeners in Swansea, Stoke and Bradford from Wave, Signal and Pulse. From the end of next week in central Scotland, the Scottish Sun will launch its own festive station.

Local stations Signal, Pulse and The Wave are also launching dedicated youth stations, targeting under 25s under the "Total Access" brand, as well as specialist 80s stations to play the top tracks of the decade from 1st January 2018.

The Total Access youth show, currently broadcast each weekday night across Wireless Group’s nine FM stations, will be launched into an entire standalone DAB radio station dedicated to the best current music. The stations will continue to broadcast The Total Access evening show with dynamic DJ Elliot Holman each weekday from 7-10pm, but will now uncover the freshest new music and most exciting new artists around the clock.

Meanwhile Signal 80s, Wave 80s and Pulse 80s will play the most iconic anthems of the decade when they permanently take over the slots used for the christmas stations on 1st January 2018.

The Scottish Sun Christmas Radio will be joined in the new year by Scottish Sun 80s and new Scottish Sun Hits and Scottish Sun Greatest Hits stations that will play the biggest and best hits of the last 40 years in a move that will help fill a mostly empty Central Scotland DAB multiplex.

Wireless Group CEO Scott Taunton said: 
“This investment reinforces our commitment to local radio in our regions. We hear our listeners’ demands, and following research into their tastes and preferences we have committed to an array of exciting new stations. I’m confident they will prove to be in-tune with our listeners and advertisers alike.”

Overview: the new stations
England & Wales Christmas stations from 10th November - 31st December 2017. 

· Signal Christmas (Stoke multiplex)
· Wave Christmas (Swansea multiplex)
· Pulse Christmas (Bradford/Huddersfield multiplex)

Stations launching 1st January 2018

· Signal 80s  (Stoke multiplex)
· Pulse 80s  (Bradford and Huddersfield multiplex)
· Wave 80s  (Swansea multiplex)
· Total Access Staffordshire & Cheshire (Stoke multiplex)
· Total Access South Wales (Swansea multiplex)
· Total Access West Yorkshire (Bradford and Huddersfield multiplex)

Stations launching in Scotland
Central Scotland multiplex 
· Scottish Sun Christmas Radio (17th November 2017-31st December 2017)

· Scottish Sun 80s (1st January 2018)
· Scottish Sun Hits (1st January 2018)
· Scottish Sun Greatest Hits (1st January 2018)