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Talking Pictures TV to reach more Freeview viewers

Vintage film channel Talking Pictures is to be made available to more Freeview viewers.

In an email newsletter sent out over the weekend, the channel confirmed a frequency change at the end of November, which will enable the vast majority of Freeview viewers to access the channel for the first time.

The channel has enjoyed a rapid increase in popularity and reach since its launch on satellite in May 2015 with its range of classic films and series not found anywhere else on British TV. A number of local channels also simulcast Talking Pictures during the day.

Currently, Talking Pictures only has limited coverage via Freeview. Viewers who can already receive the channel may need to retune to restore Talking Pictures on 30th November, although some devices will automatically retune. The channel number (81) stays the same.

Viewers currently without access to Talking Pictures on Freeview channel 81 will be able to retune from midday on 30th November 2017 to gain access to the channel on its new frequency. Everyone who currently receives "Yesterday" on Freeview 19 should be able to watch.

The change will also benefit YouView/BT TV, TalkTalk TV, Plusnet TV and EE TV users, as all of these services piggyback off Freeview for reception of channels 1-299 and 600-799.

Capacity on Freeview is limited. The changes are made possible following some changes scheduled at the end of November. Talking Pictures TV will be taking up capacity on the COM6 digital multiplex, which has already seen some vacant capacity become available this year. First BT Showcase moved off the multiplex and then TJC Choice, which had taken over Rocks&Co's ex-capacity closed. True Christmas (ch.62) has taken some of the available capacity. Our DVB stream monitoring shows the multiplex carries one videostream less than the other standard definition multiplexes reserved for commercial broadcasters.