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ITV fault takes This Morning off air

UPDATE 2 | A technical fault at ITV took its daytime programme This Morning off the air for several minutes.

The fault, which happened just after 11:00am caused viewers across the ITV regions, STV and UTV to lose the topical daily magazine programme, causing a quick reaction on social media. ITV's official accounts sprung into action to apologise for the issue.

ITV has now confirmed the fault was triggered at BT Tower, a key part of the broadcaster's infrastructure chain. A statement issued after the event read: "We would like to apologise to This Morning viewers after the programme went off air for 12 minutes today as a result of an issue at BT Tower, which affected the live feed to ITV."

ITV's regionalised distribution meant that some viewers reported rejoining This Morning before others. During the fault, viewers in some regions heard announcements apologising for the loss of programming, while in other areas, there were no updates to viewers. Various captions, including internal ITV Data Centre slates were observed by viewers during the outage. STV had its own caption apologising to viewers for 'technical difficulties' being 'experienced' by STV.

The variations of how the fault was seen by viewers is due to the regionalised structure of the channel 3 service, which is distributed via two main centres in Leeds and Chiswick. ITV regions in England, Wales and the Scottish Borders have access to live continuity announcements from ITV in London, but UTV in Northern Ireland doesn't currently have live continuity following its takeover by ITV. STV, which holds the licence to broadcast on channel 3 in central and northern Scotland, has its own arrangements for providing announcements to viewers, opting out of the standard ITV fault messages.

  • Article updated with a statement from ITV.