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CBS Drama cuts Freeview hours

CBS Drama has reduced its Freeview hours following a reshuffle of services on the platform.

The channel now broadcasts between 1pm and 11pm on Freeview & YouView 71.

Due to the schedule of the channel, programmes now shown outside of Freeview transmission hours will be rebroadcast during times when the channel is live on Freeview, meaning viewers will not completely lose out.

It follows the transfer of vintage film channel Talking Pictures to the same multiplex as CBS Drama. Effectively, Talking Pictures has taken the 24 hour bandwidth from CBS Drama, while CBS Drama itself has now taken the former bandwidth of TJC Choice, which used to broadcast between 1pm and 11pm on Freeview 93.

Recent decisions about the distribution of CBS Drama reveal a half-hearted approach to the future of the channel:  Less than a year after launching on Freeview, the channel was then moved to a lower coverage multiplex, causing a number of viewers to lose the channel. The move was reversed after a year. It is the only CBS channel not to have a +1 channel on Freeview (although other +1's are on lower coverage multiplexes). On satellite, the channel was nominated to be pushed down to the bottom of the entertainment section of the Sky EPG as part of a cross-platform deal with the channel's owners and ITV at the beginning of August. CBS Drama's original EPG slot (channel 149) was given to ITVBe (except in central and northern Scotland), the same week CBS Action was moved to a former ITV slot on Freeview. CBS Drama ended up dropping to Sky 269.