a516digital.com will go offline shortly. For the latest updates on Twitter go to @rxtvlog or visit rxtvlog.com.


You may have noticed fewer updates in recent weeks. It is with great sadness to announce that the reason is that the founder of the a516digital website has recently suffered life threatening illness.

Mike, who founded the a516digital blogspot in 2012 and oversaw the change to the current format in 2013 provided the majority of information, and was in touch with various organisations and individuals within the industry to provide a unique pipeline of news and information beyond the sanitised press releases copied and pasted on other sites. Following a very serious spell of pneumonia, Mike is unable to continue as editor at this time.

Sites that rely on a single person or a small pool of volunteers are obviously quickly at threat when the worst happens. Options for the future are however being kept open, and vary greatly from site closure to rebuilding a new version of the site, and discussions and decisions about the options will be made before the end of the year - which of course is only the end of next month.

In the meantime, a skeleton service will be provided by us normally anonymous elves, ensuring at the minimum that the main data pages including the popular Freeview updates page continue to be reviewed several times a week until Christmas. We hope to restore social media feeds next week.