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Change to the forecast: BBC Weather changes postponed

UPDATE | The Met Office will continue to supply BBC Weather data until next year, as a planned change is postponed.

Commercial weather organisation MeteoGroup was due to take over a new contract providing weather data and graphics for BBC Weather back in the spring. Unspecified delays has resulted in the Met Office stepping in to fill the void. The delays have raised questions about the change of supplier, which was linked to BBC efficiency savings.

In 2016, the BBC hit the headlines when it was announced that the broadcaster would be ditching the Met Office as their long-term partner for weather services. The news followed a tendering process that saw commercial rival MeteoGroup take the new contract, which was originally supposed to start in spring 2017.

Under the terms of the new agreement, the Met Office would still provide the BBC with official weather warnings and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency would still be involved with the Shipping Forecasts.

Despite the announcement, six months on, nothing has changed at BBC Weather, with forecasts still in association with the Met Office. This has prompted weather enthusiasts to begin enquiring to the Met Office if anything was still changing and why MeteoGroup was not ready to take over the BBC Weather contract.

Last month, the Met Office revealed it would still provide BBC with weather forecasts until the 30th September. Then on Friday, the Met Office confirmed on that the status quo would continue up to spring 2018 at the latest.

The Tweets have now been deleted - here's what they said:

The BBC has so far declined to comment on the delays, and how much the new contract or extension with the Met Office will cost the licence fee payer, given that the contract with MeteoGroup was due to generate savings. MeteoGroup, which already supplies Channel 4's weather service and weather data to some newspaper groups, has also not commented on the apparent delay and still references the original start date on its website:

The new BBC Weather contract was due to also include a revamp to the way weather information is displayed on screen, bringing an end to the controversial weather graphics introduced a decade ago.

Since the original BBC Weather announcement was made, ITV, STV, Channel 5 and BFBS have moved to new Met Office graphics, with forces broadcaster BFBS ending its association with BBC Weather.