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Bollywood connected channel live on Freeview

The company behind Ketchup TV and Planet Knowledge has launched another on-demand service on Freeview.

Bollywood HD, from on-demand content company Vonetize, offers a range of Bollywood and Indian cinema, presenting viewers with "colourful views, powerful drama, and musical delights" in HD.

Since the beginning of October, the service is live on Freeview channel 272 and its signal reaches around 75% of the UK. A compatible connected Freeview HD device is required to receive the service.

Vonetize already offers Bollywood HD via a mobile and tablet app via the main app stores and is also available on some smart TV services. It reports to have over one million registered users worldwide.

Promotional film for Bollywood HD

Vonetize / YouTube

Tuning details
Freeview channel: 272
Multiplex: COM7 - same frequency as BBC Four HD.
Requirements: A compatible connected Freeview HD device. If you can't already receive Freeview channel 106, you will need to find an alternative way of watching Bollywood HD.

Tech troubleshooting: Why can't I access the channel on a YouView box through the in-built Freeview tuner?
YouView box owners within range of the signal can see the channel in the programme list, but cannot load then channel. This is because there are two types of connected Freeview channel, also called "streamed channel": those operated by Arqiva's Connect TV and those operated through Synapse TV. Arqiva, who is a shareholder in YouView implements a workaround to allow YouView users to access their connected channels. Synapse doesn't have this workaround, and so services that use Synapse to broadcast on Freeview like Bollywood HD don't work.