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Quest timeshifts move home on Freeview

Discovery has moved its two Freeview timeshift channels to new positions on the Freeview channel list.

Making use of an empty slot in the channel list that has been recently created, Quest+1 and Quest Red+1 have been moved to channels 83 and 84 respectively.

Previously,Quest Red+1 appeared on channel 88, having already moved once from channel 90. Quest+1 has moved from channel 92.

Quest+1 is available on Freeview from 7pm every night. Quest Red+1 currently occupies an early morning slot, presumably until additional bandwidth to extend broadcasts is available.

Discovery had previously planned to launch a Quest+2 channel at the beginning of August - which was briefly referenced in the Freeview channel change day information and it was briefly licenced by Ofcom before the plug was pulled.

Since changes to Freeview channel number allocation rules were made in August, there has been an intensification of activity by major broadcasters to secure higher ranking slots, including CBS Action taking over The Store's channel 39 and A+E Networks UK doing a deal with the Community Chanel to secure a higher ranking slot. Additionally, since the channel change day on 2nd August, which was meant to tidy up the Freeview channel list and fill in gaps in the channel numbering, there has been a considerable number of channels moving or closing, which has re-created gaps.

The main versions of Quest and Quest Red+1 on channels 37 and 38 are unaffected.