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Norfolk local TV service springs back to life

The local TV service for Norwich and the surrounding area has sprung back into life, with the launch of That's Norfolk.

Previous service Mustard TV officially closed at the end of August as part of deal to sell the local TV service to That's TV, who already operate a number of local TV services across the UK. In return, Mustard's owner Archant received a share in That's TV.

Since then, repeats of old Mustard TV shows have been observed being broadcast on Freeview channel 7 and Virgin 159 in the Norwich area.

Today, the channel sprang back to life as That's Norfolk. In line with other channels in the That's TV network, the return of local TV to the east's airwaves came without much fanfare or any schedule information.

On social media, followers of the old Mustard TV Twitter account have been moved across to the new That's Norfolk Twitter, including an automated weekly tweet from the former channel operator. Meanwhile, Mustard TV's Facebook remains online, but is now inactive. Mustard's old website is also still online, with out-of-date information and automated, and incorrect, schedule data. The new That's TV website for the Norwich-based station contains basic information about the channel, but no information about the channel's programming.

So far, Ofcom has not published any details of any changes to the local TV licence it originally awarded to Archant for Mustard TV.