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Radioplayer unveils new smart radio feed for connected cars

Radioplayer is launching a new ‘smart radio’ feed for connected cars, with the Audi/VW group the first manufacturer to sign up. 

The partnership will result in ‘hybrid’ radios being installed in new Audi models using the Radioplayer technology to display station logos, and switch automatically between DAB, FM, and streaming.

The new Worldwide Radioplayer API (WRAPI) builds on the innovative ‘Radioplayer Car’ project which launched earlier this year. As well as enabling ‘hybrid’ switching between broadcast and streaming as reception varies, the new data feed can power next-generation features, like personalised radio recommendations, search results, and catch-up content.

Michael Hill, Radioplayer’s MD said:
“We’ve talked to dozens of car companies over the past few years. They’re all interested in improving their car radio interfaces, but the question they ask most often is – where can we get a reliable feed of the radio industry’s data? This project starts to answer that question…to help keep radio simple, sexy, and central to the dashboard”.

Radioplayer has worked closely with technologists at the Audi/VW group to develop this feed, and Audi are one of the official launch partners, along with DTS/XPERI, who build technology to power multiplatform car radios around the world.

Christian Winter from Audi’s Research and Development team says:
“It’s great to see the radio industry working together to help us improve car radios. We’ll be launching our cutting-edge new hybrid radio interface in the all-new Audi A8 this year, and Radioplayer data is powering that.”