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Party over for some Freeview channels of the night

Three Freeview channels have closed after being reshuffled to a new location in the channel list.

Adult services on channel 675, 676 and 677, including "Adult Party" and "Adult Blue" closed down, coinciding with a move down from the 170s. Viewers see a message thanking them for their "support".

The exact reason for the closure is unclear, but the operators of the adult services were against the move down to the 600s, when various options to reform the Freeview channel list were put out to consultation last winter, voicing concerns about their business model. They had last been moved down the channel list against their will in 2012, but Digital UK promised that there would be improved signposting of the channel changes this time around.

Channel redirect slates, which appear on the old channel numbers on retuned devices, now effectively direct viewers to some services that are no longer available. Redirect slates are due to remain in the channel list until early September.

With the closure of the three adult channels, it becomes technically possible for overnight Freeview bandwidth to be reused to allow broadcasters currently off-air at night or the early morning to extend their hours. UKTV's Really, Fox's Your TV and Sony's Tru TV have all given way for several hours on Freeview, providing bandwidth for channels 675, 676 and 677 to broadcast.