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Freeview: Reshuffle tidy-up begins

Two weeks after a major reshuffle of services, Freeview has begun to remove redirection slates.

Since 2nd August 2017, signposts redirecting viewers to the new channel numbers for children's and news channels have been live on the old channel numbers in the 120 and 130 range. These have now been removed after a fortnight, as originally announced by the BBC's Neil Walker earlier this month.

The next scheduled change to the children's genre is due at the end of August, when children's channel Kix, currently not available in all areas, becomes Pop Max.

Adult channel signposting was delabelled and subsequently deleted, ahead of the originally planned removal.

Data and streamed service redirect slates in the 200 channel range, which have awkwardly sat among news and children's chnanels new positions have also been removed.

Some Freeview devices struggled with the retune, and on some, the signpost channels were added to the 800s range of channels instead of their proper channel number - this was due to some devices not being able to overwrite previously used channels with new services. Some devices required a factory reset or first time installation to rectify the issue.

To remove these redirect slates, some viewers will need to conduct a further retune, or manually remove the channels from the channel list.

New devices coming to the market now must meet strict criteria over the handling of channel number changes and retuning if they want to display the Freeview logo in marketing and packaging, removing some of the frustration consumers had in the past over Freeview channel changes.