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Freeview channel removal paves way for another reshuffle

The removal of two services from Freeview paves the way for the completion of a reshuffle that started at the beginning of the month.

It means viewers may need to retune Freeview later this year in order to ensure they can receive all available channels on the correct channel numbers.

Rishtey Europe and Colors HD were withdrawn from Freeview mid-month following a decision by the channel's operators to move behind Sky's paywall. Now, following the removal of information slates, channels 77 and 114 have been vacated.

The removal of the service on channel 77 paves the way for a reshuffle connected to a redistribution of channel numbers in the lower ranking part of Freeview's entertainment section, a redistribution that started in part at the start of August, when Quest Red+1 was able to move up to Rishtey Cineplex's former channel number, 88.

Currently, Freeview channel numbers 77, 84, 90 and 91 are unused anywhere in the UK, although the planned Quest+2 service, which was due to launch on Freeview channel 84 at the beginning of August, was aborted.

Details of when channels might shuffle-up or launch in the vacated slots hasn't been confirmed.

  • The information slate for children's channel POP on 125 has also been removed, four weeks after the children's channels moved to the 201-211 channel range.