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Fox News pulled from Sky

President Trump's favourite news channel has been withdrawn from Sky.

The removal of Fox News on Sky was officially explained as being a commercial move, with the channel's distribution in the UK no longer being viable, according to 21st Century Fox.

However, the channel - which was licenced for broadcast in the UK and Europe through Ofcom has repeatedly breached the regulator's rules, with UK laws requiring stations to air multiple viewpoints of stories and to exercise restraint during election hours.

It's the regulatory compliance side and the fact the Fox News is owned by the company seeking to buy out Sky completely that is widely seen as the true reason for the withdrawal. The recent scandals surrounding Fox News and its coverage of events, plus controversies surrounding the conduct of some of its former employees have provided those who oppose the takeover with what they see as proof that Rupert Murdoch's company is not a fit and proper organisation to take over Sky.

The current US President is a fan of the station and is said to be a regular viewer of the channel's morning news programme. The news channel, with its pro-Republican reporting of news, has avoided the President's tirades on so-called 'fake news' outlets, with the fake news label being applied to practically every other US news network.

The channel has reportedly only around 2,000 viewers in the UK, and isn't officially streamed online in the UK.