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100% Whatever launches on DAB

A new station has appeared on the Somerset commercial multiplex. And it has plans to launch on Freeview.

Broadcaster Allan Lakes’ Amp Radio company has crated an Adult Variety format with a strapline of ‘Whatever from Whenever’, promising on air to be ‘genre fluid’ - Mixing rhythmic, pop, indie and rock and avoiding blocks of single era or style.

The station is a joint venture with 100% Media group, who license the 100% brand, and it will be sold to airtime clients alongside its 100% Dragon Hits station in The Westcountry and South Wales overspill area.

100% Whatever is also due to launch on Freeview in the future, with distribution on the upcoming Cardiff & Newport DTT service.

Additionally, the ‘Whatever’ format has been franchised out - along with the wider groups ‘Hits’ service - by 100% Media. The two services are scheduled to launch in London, operated by a third party, from the Autumn

Allan Lake explains the journey to the launch: 
 “Creating my own station, supported by team at 100% Media has been very rewarding. I love the final result. DAB & Online is now at such a scale its now possible to launch a commercially viable media business that can rapidly exceed the audience of lots of the SALLIE and small regional FM licensees of the 90’s and 00’s.”

100% Media Executive Director Gareth Cottier-Jansen said: 
“Working with Allan lake for a few years showed me he has a talent for business as well as on-air. It’s been very good to see him make his vision a reality, and helping him bring a great station on-air"