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Sky completes Entertainment and Sports reshuffle

Sky has completed a reshuffle of entertainment and sports channels, with has seen Sky Arts moving to a new slot and the launch of Sky's new sports channels.

The following changes have been made to Sky's channel line-up in the UK today:

(All channels with HD simulcasts are allocated two channel numbers, with the HD version getting appearing on the first number listed on Sky HD and Sky Q.)

  • Sky Sports Mix has moved to channel 121/287. The channel was previously listed in the Sport Genre.
  • Sky Arts/Sky Arts HD has moved to channels 122/286.
  • Sky Living+1 has moved to channel 129.
  • Sky 2 has moved to channel 163. (164 in Northern Ireland).
  • Pick+1 has moved to channel 164 (283 in Northern Ireland).
  • Challenge +1 has moved to channel 170.
  • Sky Atlantic+1 has moved to channel 217.
  • Sky 1 SD (or Sky 1 HD for non-HD subs) has moved to channel 221.
  • Sky Living (or Sky Living HD for non-HD subs) moves to channel 222. *
  • Sky Atlantic (or Sky Atlantic HD for non-HD subs) moves to channel 223.*
* The primary versions of these channels remain on the same channel numbers and are unaffected by these changes.

  • Sky Sports 1 is now Sky Sports Main Event on channels 401/435.
  • Sky Sports 5 is now Sky Sports Premier League and has moved to channels 402/436.
  • Sky Sports Football has launched as a new channel - it's available on channel 403 and 439.
  • Sky Sports 2 is now Sky Sports Cricket and has moved to channels 404/440.
  • Sky Sports The Open (ex-Sky Sports 4) has moved to channels 405 and 451. On the 24th July 2017, the channel becomes Sky Sports Golf.
  • Sky Sports F1 has moved to channels 406/472.
  • Sky Sports 3 has become Sky Sports Action and has moved to channels 407/473.
  • Sky Sports Arena has launched on channels 408/474.
  • Sky Sports News has moved to channels 409/451.

In the Republic of Ireland, channel changes in the Entertainment Genre have followed the same pattern as in Northern Ireland. In the Sports Genre, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports News have an Irish ad variant. Channel numbers of the new sports channels are the same as in the UK.