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Radioplayer unveils new Smart Device integrations

Online radio platform Radioplayer has unveiled new interfaces for users of smart devices, including Sonos systems.

Working with All In Media, Radioplayer designed a global interface for the millions of listeners using Sonos’ home sound system around the world. The player presents content specific to each country, so UK listeners will only see UK stations and programmes – which means Radioplayer can offer high-quality UK streams from the BBC and other broadcasters, featuring premium content like live sport.

Sonos homes can add Radioplayer as a Music Service in the Sonos app, then browse the A-Z station list for their country, see recommended, local, and trending stations, and choose from thousands of on-demand programmes and podcasts.

Radioplayer MD Michael Hill explained:
“There’s a huge opportunity for radio in Smart Speakers, so we’ve made them one of our top three strategic priorities, alongside Car Radios and Radio Apps for mobile and web. Using Radioplayer, listeners can now access higher-quality radio streams than before, including major live sporting events.”

Vincent Sorge-Titmus, UK Country Director, Sonos said:
“We want listeners to be able to enjoy every aspect of music and radio programming – whether that be their favourite playlist or the latest podcast and local programming – which is why we’re so pleased to welcome Radioplayer to the Sonos home sound system.”

Other developments
In addition to the Sonos integration, Radioplayer has just updated its ‘skill’ for the voice-controlled ‘Amazon Echo’ speaker in the UK. As well as playing named stations, and asking for recommendations, listeners can now ask Radioplayer ‘what’s playing?’, and Alexa will answer with the track and artist if it’s a music station, and the programme and station name. And for the first time, station logos now appear in the Alexa companion app on your phone or tablet.

Meanwhile, on Chromecast, listeners can now see a ‘live feed’ montage on the screen including album art (from music stations), recent social media posts (Facebook and Twitter), and programme information.