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More BBC HD channels become available on Irish Sky service

Sky viewers in the Irish Republic have been given proper access to BBC Four HD, CBBC HD and CBeebies HD.

The channels now appear in the Sky line-up on channels 285/211 (BBC Four HD), 638/613 (CBBC HD) and 639/614 (CBeebies HD) - the number depends on your HD pack. The channels launched a day later than billed by Sky's help forum.

Previously, the HD channels required manual tuning to appear on Sky boxes registered in the Republic of Ireland. The channels come without access to the BBC Red Button service, in line with other BBC channels on Sky in the Irish Republic following a pre-Olympic change that restricted access to extra content provided by the BBC to viewers within the UK.

The availability of BBC channels in the Republic via Sky is made possible through a commercial deal between the BBC and Sky. However, all BBC satellite channels can be received in the Republic of Ireland through signal overspill on any generic free-to-air satellite receiver with a dish aimed at the Astra 2 satellite cluster.

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