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Front Runner wants to come back to Freeview

Niche sports channel Front Runner has indicated it wants to return to Freeview.

In June, the channel was suddenly pulled from the platform after a short-lived stint on channel 91. At the time, a spokesman for Front Runner told a516digital that the channel was "moving away from Freeview in order to further develop other digital platforms."

On social media, Front Runner confirmed that the cost of Freeview distribution was "unsustainable". But offering hope to Freeview viewers, the channel's statement continued: "We will develop the channel on Sky and Freesat, and in the future we will come back to Freeview."

The channel is best known for reshowing 70s sports show Indoor League, EIHL Ice Hockey highlights and for live Greyhound Racing coverage, although the latter was only shown on satellite, with coverage of niche sports filling airtime on Freeview.

Sky viewers continue to have access to two Front Runner channels on 468 and 469, while Freesat currently has access to Front Runner 2 (Greyhound Racing) on channel 250.