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Freesat incorporates iPlayer live restart into EPG

Freesat has become the first platform to incorporate the BBC iPlayer's live restart function into its Electronic Programme Guide.

First spotted by viewers on Monday, but confirmed by the BBC as operational today, the function allows Freesat viewers with compatible connected set-top-boxes to select a BBC channel and get the option to watch the current programme from the beginning. For Wimbledon, this means viewers can rewind back to the start of coverage, if they've missed the start of a game, without having to wait for a programme to become available on-demand.

Live restart was pioneered by BBC iPlayer, and has been available for web and mobile browsers and for viewers watching on connected TVs for some time. According to the BBC, already more than half of people watching BBC iPlayer live on TVs use live restart, and almost one in five BBC iPlayer viewers across all platforms use it.

The BBC hopes to roll out the function to other connected TV platforms, such as Freeview Play, in the future.

Dan Taylor-Watt, head of BBC iPlayer, says:
“Live restart is one of BBC iPlayer’s most popular features, particularly as more and more people are watching live. It’s the first integration of its kind, but we hope to work with more partners in the future to bring this function to as many people as possible.”