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Freeview Mini-Reshuffle: Quest Red +1 and more Red Button streams

A number of Freeview channels have shifted position as gaps in the channel list are filled.

The impact of the changes depends on location and device used, as not all Freeview channels are available in all areas, and some require a modern DVB-T2 tuner, found in Freeview HD and Freeview Play compatible devices.

The recent removal of BT Showcase on channel 59 has triggered a chain reaction across the Freeview channel list, which was updated on Wednesday afternoon. Channel 59 has been taken by ITV4+1, in turn ITV4+1's old slot on 62 has now been filled by True Movies, although not available in all areas.

True Movies old slot on 74 is now being used by CBS Action+1, which has moved from channel 90 and is only available in some parts of the UK by viewers with Freeview HD or Freeview Play (i.e. DVB-T2) compatible devices.

In turn, channel 90 is now occupied by new timeshift channel Quest Red+1, giving its owner Discovery its fourth Freeview slot. Quest Red+1's appearance on Freeview has been made possible by recycling spare bandwidth last used by Quest+1 before its recent change on Freeview. Currently only scheduled to be live early mornings, the securing of the slot offers the possibility of extended hours in the future.

BT Showcase has since the 9th May been broadcast in HD on channel 115, but only available to around 3/4 of UK households.

At a glance

Reception Condition
Placeholder; full service not available at the present time on Freeview.
True Movies
Only available in areas that have a local TV service on channel 7 (or channel 8 in London, Wales and Scotland).
CBS Action+1
Signal reaches around ¾ of UK households. Requires a device compatible with DVB-T2, e.g. Freeview HD, Freeview Play, YouView.

Quest Red+1
Brand new to Freeview but as a placeholder service live for three hours every morning.

Rocks & Co (streamed)
The internet stream of the channel that was previously on channel 791 and before then on 40 during off-air periods. Also on channel 40 as a regular channel in some areas.

Is being removed

BBC RB 2-6
Signal reaches around ¾ of UK households. Requires a device compatible with DVB-T2, e.g. Freeview HD, Freeview Play, YouView.

Meanwhile, the BBC has activated five additional Red Button streams on Freeview in time for a summer of events including Wimbledon, but again only available to around 3/4 of UK households with Freeview HD or Freeview Play compatible devices. The extra Red Button streams appear on channels 602-606. All Freeview viewers continue to have access to the main Red Button channel RB1 on 601.  For those out of range of the additional Red Button streams and for those who want more: the BBC is making 15 HD streams from Wimbledon available via the BBC Sport App and its connected Red Button service, Red Button+ on smart TVs and boxes.

And a version of Rocks & Co, available to viewers with devices compatible with Freeview's streamed channels from channel 225 upward, can now stream the jewellery teleshopping channel via channel 271. Viewers with Freeview HD or Freeview Play compatible devices living in range of a transmitter that provides the full set of Freeview channels can also see a normal broadcast version of the channel on 40.

The latest housekeeping changes to Freeview's channel line-up comes just over six weeks before a major reshuffle of Freeview channels at the beginning of August, which will see news, children's, text, streamed and adult channels moving to new channel numbers on the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd August 2017.