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Hochanda cuts Freeview hours

Shopping channel Hochanda has given up its evening and overnight slot on Freeview, saying viewers prefer to watch in the morning.

The hobby, crafting and arts channel will from 1st June 2017 close at 7pm on Freeview channel 85, although Sky, Freesat and online users are unaffected.

In a statement the channel said: "We understand this will be disappointing news but we have found since November that a lot of you prefer watching us earlier in the morning and are catching up on your evening shows through Rewind!" [online catch-up]

The bandwidth vacated by Hochanda on Freeview will be used by Quest+1, which is now available from 7pm every evening on Freeview channel 92. 

Compared to other digital TV platforms, Freeview bandwidth is more expensive, forcing smaller stations to regularly review their broadcasting hours on the platform. Reviews lead to channels broadcasting reduced hours (such as Hochanda), using hybrid online/terrestrial TV delivery (such as Jewellery Maker) or moving their service to a reduced coverage multiplex, which costs less to broadcast on (such as Rocks&Co).

The changes to Hochanda also affect viewers using a YouView (BT/TalkTalk/Plusnet), EE TV or Now TV Smart Box to access channel 85.