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CBS Reality starts subtitling

CBS Reality has commenced offering subtitles, a year after Ofcom ordered the channel to offer access services.

Most UK channels fall under Ofcom obligations, but the number of programmes offered with subtitles, audio description or in-vision signing depends on a combination of audience share, revenue and how long a channel has been on-air.

In July 2016, Ofcom announced that CBS Reality would be obligated to subtitle a minimum of 33% of its programme output. CBS Reality's new obligations follow its arrival on Freeview, which has meant the channel now reaches a sufficient number of viewers to force it to provide subtitles.

CBS Reality is broadcast on Sky 146 Virgin 148 Freeview 66 and Freesat 135. Depending on platform and device used, subtitles are now widely accessed either via a dedicated remote control button or activated via a settings menu, saving the need to activate subtitles following each channel change, as was previously the case in the Teletext and Ceefax era.


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