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Broken News... BBC system crash takes news off-air

A system crash wreaked havoc on BBC One and BBC News Channel just as the main 10pm Tuesday evening news was due to go air.

The fault took BBC One off-air for three minutes while BBC News Channel viewers saw an at times puzzled-looking Huw Edwards on stand-by, interrupted by snippets of what were supposed to be the opening headline images mangled by the malfunctioning system, which crashed seconds before the bulletin was due to go on air.

The main evening news bulletin finally opened, but not without further technical problems dogging the programme, with the BBC's breaking news sting - normally triggered on the News Channel to interrupt reports - playing between headlines.


Sources from inside the BBC said that a back-up system was activated to enable the news bulletin to finally go on air.

After the bulletin, Huw Edwards took to Twitter to say he would be enjoying some Welsh Ale after "that Ten".