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Syfy to join Now TV as part of new Sky/NBCU deal

Sky and NBCUniversal have announced a new carriage deal, which paves the way for extra services on streaming service Now TV. 

As part of the deal, Now TV users will gain access to linear TV channel Syfy and on-demand reality service hayu in 2018. Other aspects of the deal announced today cover Sky Cinema and NBCUniversal's pay TV channels.

The deal extends carriage of NBCUniversal channels on Sky's satellite-based service, including Universal Channel, Syfy and E! Entertainment and Movies 24 in the UK and Ireland while Sky customers in Germany and Austria will enjoy Universal Channel, Syfy and E! Entertainment and 13th STREET. Top shows covered by the deal include Chicago Med on Universal Channel and Dark Matter on Syfy.
The agreements also cover first-run movies like the Jurassic, Despicable Me/Minions and Fast & Furious franchises. Additionally, it covers a range of critically acclaimed and award-winning films from Working Title and Focus Features alongside numerous titles from NBCUniversal’s film library. 
These are accompanied by next generation rights to ensure that Sky customers are able to access content on-demand and on various devices. NBCUniversal content on Sky Store is also covered by the deal, allowing customers to buy or rent the latest NBCUniversal cinema releases.

Gary Davey, Managing Director, Content, Sky said:
“It’s been a very successful year for rights negotiations and we are very pleased to have secured this long-term deal for our customers. Our focus remains on providing our customers with content of the highest quality and NBCUniversal’s movies, television programming and channel brands are globally renowned. Our partners’ trust in Sky as the custodian of their brands and content enables us to not only establish, but extend, these long-term relationships and we look forward to continuing to work with NBCUniversal International.”

Belinda Menendez, President, NBCUniversal International Distribution & Networks said:
"NBCUniversal International’s latest agreements with Sky, covering the UK, Ireland, Germany and Austria, kick off the next exciting phase of our highly valued relationship. We are delighted that Sky’s customers can continue to anticipate premieres of NBCU’s top-quality feature film slate – including via EST and TVOD – as well as having access to our suite of compelling channel brands, through our multi-year renewed relationship. In the UK, we are also pleased to soon be bringing both hayu, our all-reality service, and Syfy to NOW TV customers.”


  1. I welcome the future addition of Syfy and Hayu programmes to Now TV. It will be interesting to see if this is in addition to the History and Nova (PBS) Channels being added fully as some content from these channels has been on Now TV recently.

  2. Only linear Syfy, so no catch up, thanks for that and on demand US Reality bollocks. All this added to to a line up that includes C4 catchup AND All4 catchup which are just the same limited shows on BOTH catchup services.
    Time to cancel NowTV?

    1. Although not explicitly mentioned in the press release, I would be surprised if catch-up content from Syfy isn't available on Now TV as such rights are increasiny part and parcel of such carriage contracts.
      All4 content is not part of the Now TV UK subscription.


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