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Euronews splits up

Pan-European news channel Euronews has commenced splitting its service into different local versions, to replace its single feed service.

For the past 24 years, Euronews has consisted of a single video feed with different language soundtracks that viewers with satellite could select from.

On Wednesday 10th May at midday GMT (1pm UK, 2pm CEST), that changed with the creation of localised versions of the channel, each able to show different content and graphics in the relevant language alongside localised advertising.

The adjustments to the channel's distribution did cause some confusion: the multi-language Euronews signal on Astra 1 (19.2E) was replaced by the new French Euronews, leaving Spanish and German viewers, who also primarily use Astra 1, without access to a relevant version of the channel. The new German Euronews is currently only distributed on IPTV and some cable networks. On Eutelsat Hotbird (13E), there were already some single language feeds set up, plus the English version of Euronews exclusively in HD.

Meanwhile UK Euronews viewers (using the Astra 2 (28.2E) satellite cluster) will notice little change at first glance, as the channel has been showing all-English straps and graphics since its last revamp, although the individual language feeds available to satellite viewers are being turned off.

Euronews is working with Globecast to deliver a total of 12 new local versions.

The move mimics Eurosport, which began to move away from a single feed, multi-language service in the late 1990s.

Michael Peters,  CEO at Euronews explained the move:
“Because we are living in a world of infobesity fed by content proliferation, and polarized points of view, at Euronews we have a strong belief that featuring the diversity of viewpoints is the best answer for a balanced coverage. And in the current climate, we are convinced that it is more crucial than ever to let our audience forge their own opinion. The different editions will enable Euronews to deliver tailored content that’s relevant for each audience."

The move to create separate versions of Euronews was decided upon before NBC took a share in the broadcaster.