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Global launches new 80s radio station on DAB, online and Sky

Global is launching a spin-off of Heart dedicated to music from the 1980s on national DAB, online and Sky.

Heart 80s will be available from 6:00am on Tuesday, according to this morning's announcement by Global.

The broadcaster has confirmed the station will play non-stop 80s classics in an extension of Heart, the UK’s biggest commercial radio brand which has 9.3 million weekly listeners.

The station’s brand new breakfast show will be presented live by Roberto, weekdays 6am-10am and Saturdays 8am-12pm. Jason Donovan, host of All 80s on the Heart network, will turn up the feel good for listeners on Heart 80s on Sunday mornings from 9am-12pm.

Heart 80s is the latest in a series of new digital stations launched by Global in a commitment to support and grow DAB digital radio. Heart 80s joins Heart extra, Capital, Capital XTRA, Smooth Extra, Classic FM, LBC and Radio X on the national Digital 1 DAB multiplex.

Ashley Tabor, Global’s Founder & Executive President, said:
 “Heart 80s is a brand new radio station for the UK – there’s no other 80s station on D1, and no other 80s station in the UK focused on feel good 80s hits. Global is committed to DAB Digital radio and to the D1 platform. Our investment in building audiences on D1 is an important part of our strategy to drive DAB digital radio take up. This is a very exciting time for the Heart brand and for Global.”

Gary Stein, Heart’s managing editor, said: 
“We know that 80s music is hugely popular so we’re turning up the feel good with a brand new station dedicated to the decade that has given us so many classic hits. With 9.3 million weekly listeners, Heart is the biggest commercial radio brand in the UK and we’re looking forward to making it even bigger and better with the launch of Heart 80s.”

Heart 80s will be available right across the UK on DAB via the Digital 1 multiplex, joining sister station Heart Extra. Via satellite, Heart 80s will launch on Sky channel 0112 (the current Heart Extra slot) and online via the Heart app from Global from 6am on Tuesday March 14th.


  1. Could you please tell people what the transmission bit rate is when telling us about any new stations. I can't listen to Absolute 80s as the sound quality is so poor. If this new station using an acceptable bit rate, It will be good news indeed!

  2. BFBS's replacement I dare say and they've had this coming over a week now as it's the second 80s station and third in the midlands following free radio 80s who play the same output as heart. Only absolute have some of an alternative 80s playlist as with heart they have a feel good playlist

    1. Oh Great! Another 80's DAB radio station! As if I haven't got enough choice already with Absolute 80's, Free Radio 80's and Love 80's Liverpool that I now have a 4th DAB 80's station I can choose (NOT) to listen to! Why can't these big radio networks think to launch a new type of music genre station that isn't already replicated elsewhere such as 80's stations or part-time extra stations? It's about time Bauer dug deeper into their pockets and moved Planet Rock back to Digital 1 and also made Absolute 60's or 70's available on DAB nationally. Global Radio makes me sick!

  3. Would Heart Extra be moving from it's Sky EPG slot to another slot or will it just be removed.

  4. It's going to be in DAB+ 64 kbps stereo...

    Dream on ! Of course it will be mono DAB only

  5. No chance for di listeners to listen to dab+ could have got three dab+ programs in ex bfbs slot

  6. It would appear that as all the stations on Digital 1 are only broadcasting in DAB MP2 format that perhaps this multiplex is not yet capable of transmitting in DAB+ AAC. Or is it that the broadcasters are concerned that early adopters of DAB do not yet have DAB/DAB+ receivers and therefore would not be able to hear DAB+ broadcasts.

    1. or that no-one wants to pay for the upgrade in broadcasting equipment to support DAB+.


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