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Glasgow digital radio hotspot: station count to exceed 70 this year

More DAB stations are preparing to broadcast on Glasgow's airwaves as the city becomes Scotland's digital radio hotspot.

At an industry event celebrating the progress of digital radio in Glasgow it was confirmed that listeners in and around the city will soon be able to receive over 70 stations on DAB digital radio, with a mixture of UK-wide, Scottish, local and niche broadcasters on six multiplexes serving the city - the biggest choice of DAB stations anywhere north of the border.

Doing the DAB was attended by broadcasters from BBC, commercial and community radio in central Glasgow on Thursday evening, just two days after it was announced that the city will host the BBC’s 6 Music Festival next month.

Ciaran O’Toole, founder of Rock Radio, announced that the new Rock Radio station, which was awarded the Glasgow/West Central FM licence in October, will begin digital streaming transmissions this summer prior to its launch on FM in the autumn and that options for DAB availability are being explored.

Meanwhile, Brave Broadcasting Director, Spencer Pryor, announced that three new stations will be launched this year on DAB in the Glasgow city area as part of Ofcom’s small scale DAB trial, with the first being Colourful Radio.

Listeners will need a newer DAB+ compatible radio, recognisable through the Digital Radio Tick Mark on packaging, to receive the full set of stations via DAB digital radio.

54% of Glasgow homes own a DAB radio, according to latest statistics. The number of DAB stations that can be received in Glasgow has increased by thirty in the past year.


  1. I wonder if this idea will be rolled out to more rural parts of the UK. Wiltshire for example (where we're based), has a local DAB mux but nothing truly local on it. All we have is a Smooth, Heart, BBC Wilts etc., and of course SDL, D1 and BBC. Would be nice to get more choice of local stations on DAB.

  2. This exemplifies the stupidity of quantity over quality which pervades the DAB radio agenda. In order to try and sell the model they have to advertise that more is better. The Rajars will show that 95% of the population in this area listen to 5 or 6 stations and will continue to listen to those stations no matter what type of signal delivers them. Where do these other stations think they are going to get their listeners from? Deluded station owners will be brought back to reality when advertisers deliver the awkward truth - no listeners no money!


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