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Extra Freeview channels for Basingstoke and Reading

Households in the Basingstoke and Reading area now have access to an additional three Freeview channels following a technical upgrade this week.

The local Freeview TV transmitter at Hannington is now broadcasting two additional multiplexes, one for each location, which will ultimately carry the forthcoming local TV service licensed by Ofcom.

Three commercial TV channels, which piggyback on the local TV signal are now available: True Crime (Freeview channel 60), True Movies (channel 74) and Kix (channel 127).

Coverage of the extra channels is limited, but most viewers who use the Hannington transmitter in Basingstoke and Reading and receive BBC and ITV local news from BBC South / ITV Meridian should be able to gain access to the channels following a retune.

New local TV services for Basingstoke and Reading are expected to launch later this year and will appear on Freeview channel 7.

Viewers who receive London regional TV have their aerials pointing at the capital's Crystal Palace transmitter and won't be able to receive the new services from Hannington.

Viewers who have a YouView box to receive TV services from BT TV, Plusnet TV or TalkTalk TV along with viewers with an EE TV box or a Now TV Smart Box who live in Basingstoke or Reading may also be able to receive the extra channels following a retune.

  • Manual tuning: For viewers who need to manually tune their TVs or devices, the UHF channels are: Reading (UHF 29) or Basingstoke (UHF 51). The transmissions are broadcasting in a directional beam from the Hannington TV mast towards each location, limiting coverage outside of their target areas.