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BBC "pins and pairs" the iPlayer

The BBC is to offer a more personalised experience on the iPlayer, allowing viewers to start watching a programme on one device and finish on another.

Initially available to viewers with YouView devices, but rolling out to other connected TV devices, including set-top boxes, streaming media devices and games consoles, over the coming weeks and months, audiences can start watching the latest drama from Walford on the bus home from work – and pick up the action again from the comfort of their sofa on their TV.

How to do it: Pin and Pair
  • Viewers will need to sign-in to the BBC iPlayer on their compatible device.
  • Select the person icon at the top of the screen on BBC iPlayer on your connected TV
  • On a separate computer, tablet or smart phone, go to the web address displayed on the TV screen and enter the code on screen
  • The devices are paired

The new sign-in capability and personalised features follow another record-breaking month for BBC iPlayer, with 304 million requests in January, the highest ever seen by the BBC. January was up eight per cent on December, BBC iPlayer’s previous best ever month, and saw over 50 million requests more than the same month last year