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Simplestream reveals how it powers new Sony Kids Catch-up YouView service

Simplestream, provider of video services for the media and entertainment industry, has today provided more information about how its Hybrid TV solution powers the new Sony Pictures Television children's catch-up service on YouView. 

Originally launched on 10th January 2017, the service hosts shows from Sony’s popular kids channels Tiny Pop, POP and KIX.

This is Simplestream's inaugural deployment of its Hybrid TV solution: a new module of its cloud-based Media Manager platform that provides OTT-delivered linear channels, catch-up TV and other video-on-demand (VOD) content underpinned by rich metadata. The solution supports a broad range of hybrid TV services – including YouView, Freeview Play, Freesat and EE TV.

The Hybrid TV solution also incorporates:
  • Automated catch-up creation to generate VOD assets from linear channels within minutes of broadcast.
  • Ingest of playout schedule data to accurately capture the desired components from off-air broadcasts.
  • A rules-based system to control programme availability ensuring full conformance to content rights.
  • Real-time asset and metadata provision, enabling rich content discovery, such as the backwards- and forwards-scrolling EPG, text-based search, and enhanced programme information.
  • Dedicated applications that provide a fully branded experience for broadcasters.
  • Dynamic playlists of content that are updated automatically and presented in the applications.

Dan Finch, Commercial Director of Simplestream said:
“Kids are spending more time every week watching their favourite programming, so it is paramount that catch-up services such as this are in place to cater to their hunger for favourite programming anytime, anywhere and on any device. This service is a natural extension of the products and solutions we currently offer. It’s been a pleasure working with Sony Pictures Television and YouView to deliver this entertainment destination.”

The Sony Kids catch-up is available for free on all YouView boxes, including those connected to BT and TalkTalk TV.


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