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New look BBC One: thumbs down from readers

A week in to the new look BBC One, it appears the majority aren't impressed, including many a516digital readers...

Launched during the early hours of New Year's Day and filmed by documentary photographer Martin Parr, the new presentation package for BBC One features idents including swimmers off Clevedon Pier and a Zumba Fitness class, with further clips due to be launched in the coming weeks and months, all surrounding the theme of "oneness".

During the past week, viewers have took to social media to criticise the new idents, with some turning oneness into the hashtag #onemess. Some have said the moob-ridden swimmers are not necessarily the most appropriate thing to introduce the news, and others have questioned why Clevedon is featured in the ident ahead of a regional programme, assuming something more local would be appropriate.

Social media users react to the new look BBC One

The new look BBC One appears to be generating as much dislike as the broadly unpopular rhythm and movement idents used between 2002 and 2006, which were mocked by French and Saunders and E4, which created a series of spoof idents.

With the new look being done in-house, it's reportedly saved the BBC the sums of money it spent on the last look in 2006. An exact figure for this work hasn't been published. Just a small minority of viewers - mostly those fundamentally opposed to the existence of the BBC - have spoken out against the cost, with many saying they look cheap.

The old BBC One idents, based on a circular theme, were retired in December 2016 after just over 10 years in use. The new idents are just the latest in a set of revamps for various BBC outlets. BBC Three got a new look ahead of its move online last January, CBBC followed in the spring and BBC Parliament thereafter, although the logo typeface used in its idents varies to that in promos and other on-screen environments, highlighting a growing sense of inconsistency across BBC branding.

After a week on-air, the vast majority of those who took part in our poll have come out against the new look:
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