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Lotto lovers reminded to press red to stream draw following BBC One axe

Connected TV users, who have access to the BBC's enhanced red button service, are being reminded that they will be able to continue to watch the Saturday night National Lottery draws following their axe from BBC One.

First announced in late November, the BBC has axed the traditional Saturday night slot for the draws on BBC One, and with the start of 2017, these are now being shown on the BBC iPlayer at 10pm on Saturdays.

But users of smart TVs and boxes that support BBC Red Button+, the enhanced Red Button service through which the BBC is increasingly making additional content available via broadband, will be able to stream the draw by going to a BBC TV channel and pressing red on their remote control at 10pm on Saturday, or watching it on-demand later.

The draws used to attract millions of viewers when they launched in the mid 1990s, but as viewers gave up on the hope that it could be them winning the jackpot, ratings dwindled, and the game shows that once incorporated the draws gave way in the primetime schedules to the BBC's big flagship Saturday night entertainment shows, including Strictly, Doctor Who - and until last year, The Voice, leaving the draw being televised ever later in the evening.

The draws will also feature on The National Lottery's Facebook account, as part of a new show from Pinewood Studios that is available via Facebook live from 8:30pm.

However, for unconnected linear TV viewers, an update containing the winning numbers will still be broadcast following the late news on BBC One.

Updated: 07/01/2016 - BBC Red Button Tweet + Facebook details added 


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