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Sputnik removal creates room for new stations on London DAB

Much sought-after DAB digital radio capacity has become available in London following changes on the London II multiplex.

The removal of Radio Sputnik at the end of last week and a small reduction in bitrate for Chris Country at the beginning of the month has created space for up to three new DAB+ stations or one stereo 'original flavour' DAB station in the capital, according to multiplex operator Switchdigital, who are inviting interested parties to get in touch.

Switchdigital's London II covers most areas surrounding London in addition to the capital and outside of the small-scale DAB trial in central London is the only local multiplex to support the newer DAB+ broadcasting standard, which is supported by most modern digital radio sets. Late last year, Asian FX became the first station to use DAB+ on the multiplex.

Multiplex monitoring website digitalbitrate.com shows how the capacity has become available in the past few weeks.

Radio Sputnik, Russia's international station, formerly known as Voice of Russia, was removed from the London II multiplex overnight from the 13th to 14th January 2017.