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BBC Wales prepares to keep legacy of pop-up station after its closure

Content and presenters on BBC Wales pop-up station BBC Radio Cymru Mwy are to continue on the main BBC Cymru service after the pilot ends in January.

The pop-up station, which has been broadcasting on weekday mornings since 19th September, has introduced new and established voices to the airwaves. The service will close on 3rd January - the 40th anniversary of the launch of parent station BBC Radio Cymru, but elements of the pop-up station will continue on the main station during the celebratory year, with the project’s legacy to be seen and heard on BBC Radio Cymru’s timetable over the next twelve months.

Explaining more about the feedback received so far from listeners, Betsan Powys, Editor of BBC Radio Cymru, said: 
“We’ve received emails and comments from listeners from all four corners of Wales. They’ve been enlightening, valuable, honest and practical – a really useful mix. With a month to go, why not tune-in, listen and give us your views.
It’s also quite natural, as we reach the final stages of the pilot for listeners to ask what we’ve learnt so far. Some of the lessons are obvious; on the technical side, we’ve been able to reset cables and make connections but also to understand where the technical weaknesses lie, or where the costs are prohibitive.
We’ve also had the chance to cast the net for talent and new voices and there’s no doubt that we’ll hear some of those voices on BBC Radio Cymru in the future.
In terms of other things we’ve learnt, we need to take stock, ask questions, listen and review against a number of criteria in the new year. And no doubt, we’ll discuss some of those findings in the year of celebration and innovation that’s to come. And what a year it’s going to be, as we celebrate forty years of our national Welsh language radio station.”

There are plans for the digital pop-up format to return online to coincide with music festivals and events. The first pop-up is expected on the final night of the Urdd Eisteddfod in Bridgend when the festival hosts a gig on the maes.

Plans are also afoot for BBC Radio Cymru Mwy’s presenters to feature on the main station; fans of comedian the Welsh Whisperer can expect to hear him every Friday evening in the new year while Elan Evans is also expected to take to the BBC Radio Cymru airwaves in the summer.

To mark the 40th anniversary of BBC Radio Cymru, BBC Cyrmu Mwy will relive the launch of BBC Radio Cymru in 1977 by repeating its first hours of broadcasting.

BBC Radio Cymru Mwy is carried in SE Wales on DAB digital radio. Throughout Wales, the service is also distributed on Freeview and Sky, as well as online and mobile apps for listeners wherever they are. 


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