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Angel Radio arrives in Brighton

Nostalgic radio station Angel Radio has expanded its service for older people to the city of Brighton & Hove and can now be heard in the area on DAB+.

The station will reach around 50,000 people over the age of 60 in the Brighton and Hove area.

Angel plays a mixture of nostalgic music from the 1920's to the early 1960's. There are programmes dedicated to show tunes, light classics, comedy and jazz. Angel has an archive of over 140,000 vintage recordings. Aside from its rare mix of music, Angel Radio also provides senior listeners with some much needed company and advice about living later in life.

Its programmes are all presented by volunteers. 90% of the team is over 60 years old with 25% aged 70 or over. One of the oldest volunteers is 92 and hosts regular programmes on the station.

Since 2002, the station has been providing the local senior citizen population with its unique service on FM. Recently the station has expanded its service to other parts of England thanks to the developments in DAB digital radio technology. Angel can now be heard on DAB in Aldershot, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Cambridge, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, London, Norwich, West Sussex and Woking. The majority of these services use DAB+ technology.

Tony Smith, founder and station manager of Angel Radio, said:
 “Brighton and Hove is one of the coolest cities on the coast and as well as appealing to the older population in the area, our service will also delight those who love all things retro and vintage.”


  1. Hmm little bit late with the news ! Tt's been active here since the 12th actually

    1. We're aware: A reception report confirmed Angel as testing and Angel was listed on our small scale DAB list for Brighton earlier this week. We asked on Tuesday if Angel would provide any further information about launching in Brighton in anticipation for an article, this was provided today.


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