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UK DAB coverage: latest data reveals expansion

Latest Ofcom data reveals how the UK's DAB digital radio network has been expanding, with additional transmitters and power boosts continuing to improve coverage over the past couple of months.

As there is a lag between new transmitters going live and the data being published, listeners may have already noticed some improvements in recent weeks. And new multiplexes and coverage boosts, particularly relating to Lincolnshire and Suffolk were previously announced by the multiplex operator. New sites that have gone live in the last four weeks may not yet appear in the Ofcom data.

The industry is currently working towards the end of a programme of coverage boosts for both BBC National DAB and local DAB multiplexes.

From newly published information, here's the latest list of new transmitters and coverage boosts, plus effective radiated power (ERP) in kilowatts (kW), where available. New sites are also listed with National Grid Reference (NGR).

In some cases a power reduction is noted - as more transmitters are added to a single frequency networks carrying DAB stations, some optimisation is needed in order to avoid interference.

BBC National DAB
Bincombe – power increase from 0.96 kW to 1.0 kW
Bude - NGR SS219061 0.3 kW (new addition)
Chatton - power increase from 3.05 to 3.2 kW
Colkirk - NGR TF916266 0.3 kW (New addition)
Crabwood Farm - power increase from 1.0 kW to 1.5 kW
Freeth Alotments - power increase from 0.03 kW to 0.06 kW
Glossop - NGR SK027953 0.5 kW (new addition)
Harlow (Rye Hill) - NGR TL49067 1.0 kW (new addition)
Haslemere - NGR SU886331 0.63 kW (new addition)
Headless Cross - NGR SP038661 0.01 kW (new addition)
High Wycombe - 0.2 kW (new addition)
Hollywell Brynford Hill - NGR SJ185750) 0.3 kW (new addition)
Horsham power reduction from 0.025 kW to 0.024 kW
Icomb Hill - NGR SP202228 1.0 kW serving Stow-on-the-Wold
Kenton - NGR NZ214674 0.01 kW (new addition)
Kidderminster - NGR SO808739 0.092 kW (new addition)
King's Lynn - NGR TF677281 0.6 kW (new addition)
Kingswear - NGR SX888512 0.4 kW (new addition) serving Dartmouth
Kirkby Underwood - NGR TF058273 1.2 kW (new addition)
Kirkton Mailer power reduction from 4.0 kW to 2.0 kW
Market Drayton - NGR SS669342 0.012 kW (new addition)
Nine Barrow Down - NGR SZ009811 1.5 kW (new addition)
Nottingham UHF now listed as Nottingham & power decrease from 0.036 kW to 0.032 kW
Redmoss power increase from 0.6 kW to 1.2 kW
Scunthorpe Trent View House- NGR SE882092 0.6 kW (new addition)
Sargeant Law power increase from 0.865 to 1.0 kW
Shepshed Nook - NGR SX488190 0.06 kW (new addition)
Siston power increase from 0.02 kW to 0.024 kW
Skegness Candlesbury - NGR TF456683 2.0 kW (new addition)
Swaffham - NGR TF844076 4.0 kW (new addition)
Tick Hill - NGR SJ963451 2.0 kW (new addition)
Tunbridge Wells power increase from 3.0 kW to 3.1 kW
Wellingborough Irthlingborough Road now listed as Wellingborough (power decrease from 0.02 kW to 0.019 kW)
Whitehaven power increase from 1.95 kW to 2.0 kW

Birmingham mux:
Headless Cross GSC (TII 13/01) NGR SP038661 0.3 kW (new addition)
Turners Hill power increase from 0.5 kW to 2.0 kW

Cornwall mux:
St Mawes Water Tower (TII 04/15) NGR SW847342 0.5 kW (new addition)

Digital 1:
Downham Market- NGR TF604038 0.03 kW (new addition)
Glossop - NGR SK027954 0.015 kW (new addition)
Headless Cross GSC - NGR SP038661 0.001 kW
High Hunsley - NGR SE946350 2.0 kW (new addition)
Kenton TE - NGR NZ214674 0.01 kW (new addition)
Kidderminster - NGR SO808739 0.087 kW (new addition)
Morecombe Bay power increase from 1.5 kW to 2.8 kW
Swaffham - NGR TF844076 0.17 kW (new addition)
West Lynn - NGR TF612188 0.03 kW (new addition)

Edinburgh mux:
Craigkelly - power increase from 1.0 kW to 6.0 kW

Hereford-Worcs mux:
Kidderminster - NGR SO808739 1.0 kW (new addition)

Herts Beds Bucks mux:
Aylesbury ATE - NGR SP820141 0.6 kW (new addition)

High Hunsley - NGR SE946350 5.0 kW (new addition)

Lincolnshire mux:
Grantham New Gate Lane - SK947365 0.6 kW (new addition)
High Hunsley - NGR SE946350 5.0 kW (new addition)

London 1 and London 2 muxes:
High Wycombe - NGR SU856942 0.01 kW (new addition)

London 2 mux:
Harlow (Rye Hill) -  NGR TL449067 0.1 kW (new addition)

Mid & West Wales mux:
Carmarthen - NGR SN412213 0.6 kW (new addition)

North West Wales mux:
Llandonna - NGR SH583810 3.6 kW (new addition)

Oxfordshire mux:
Over Norton - NGR SP309282 0.3 kW (new addition)

Suffolk mux:
Technical launch 30/09; Official Launch 07/10
Mendlesham - NGR TM122641 2.1 kW (new addition)
Puttocks Hill - NGR TL896696 2.0 kW (new addition)
Warren Heath- NGR TM196425 1.0 kW (new additon)

Teeside mux:
Ashbourne House - NGR SE394935 0.3 kW (new addition)

Tyne & Wear mux:
Kenton TE - NGR NZ214674 0.1 kW (new addition)

Wolverhampton & Shropshire mux:
Hazler Hill - NGR SO922944 0.64 kW (new addition)
Turner's Hill power increase from 1.0 kW to 4.0 kW

Source: Ofcom. Transmitter site spellings as derived from the raw data.