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This DAB station wants its listeners to fall asleep

The Portsmouth trial DAB multiplex is to break new ground, becoming the home to an innovative radio idea and a world first.

After launching the rolling news NewsRadioUK service and Weather 24/7 radio in recent weeks, the mux is now airing Sleepyhead Radio, a station full of calming sounds designed to help babies sleep. The parenting charity NCT is supporting the station with advice for new parents.

Sleepyhead Radio is operated by Angel Radio as a pop-up service for a limited time only. For engineers at multiplex operator Solent Wireless, it will also provide an opportunity to make assessments of different coding arrangements using natural atmospheres and white noise sounds which can be hard to code.

Sleepyhead Radio presenter Sam Oakley says:
“My son George was the inspiration for these wonderful sounds. Whenever we turned on the tumble dryer he would go to sleep. Then a bright spark suggested we record the sound so we could just play it whenever we wanted, without having to dry so much as a Babygro! When other parents wanted a copy, we produced a CD containing a range of soothing sounds. Now it's lovely to be sharing them with listeners in Portsmouth and creating an oasis of calm for new parents in such a busy city".

The operators of the station say they won't be participating in Rajar audience research ...since many babies struggle to fill in the diary.

The Portsmouth DAB digital radio multiplex operated by Solent Wireless is part of Ofcom's successful trial of small-scale DAB services, which aims to provide local and niche stations a new, affordable way on to DAB digital radio.

Sleepyhead Radio is available to listeners in the Portsmouth area with a DAB+ compatible radio. The station is using the Indulge pop-up slot.