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Glass box Sky News goes live

Sky News / TV Live

Sky News has completed its month-long revamp of the channel, with the launch of its new box studio at Sky's Osterley HQ.

The launch follows weeks of off-air tests and dummy runs for the new programmes that will come from the new studio.

Following the departure of several long-serving presenters, including Eamonn Holmes from Sunrise and Jeremy Thompson from Live at 5, the channel has been tweaking its schedule and rota of presenters during the past four weeks. Among the changes made since 26th September, there has been a new daily politics show at 10am and a new presenter line-up on Sunrise.

From this week, Kay Burley moves to a new timeslot, incorporating the channel's previous "Live at 5" slot, keeping viewers up to date with the latest developments from 3pm to 6:30pm. She will continue to host the Sky Debate that will focus on the most pertinent stories of the day. Sarah Hewson will take on the afternoon show on Fridays, as well as hosting across the schedule during major stories when presenters are on location or away.

Although Sky News has seen a number of presentation adjustments and changes over the last few years, the launch of the new glass box studio, suspended in the middle of Sky's HQ - Sky Central - signals the completion of the biggest revamp for the channel since 2005.

See images of the new look @ TV Live.


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  2. Looks like the Skyfall glass cell and the acoustics in the box make it sound just like what it is - a cell.

  3. well now we are into January. The acoustics are slightly better and the on air presentation from the cell has greatly improved. What I am liking is the introduction of color to key wall in the rear of shot. The red and blue that sky news is famous for is creeping back in and I must say its a welcome sight.


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