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Digital radio station to offer listeners 58 days of Xmas tunes

Unforgettable Radio, the not-for-profit Portsmouth community radio station playing the best in Crooners, Swingers and Cool Jazz 24/7, is going fully festive from Monday 31st October offering listeners a jazzy and swinging Christmas for 58 days.

The radio station will play festive favourites from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole and Doris Day. There will be Christmas jazz from Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck and Louis Armstrong, along with contemporary offerings from Diana Krall and Harry Connick Jnr.

Broadcasting to Portsmouth on DAB+, as part of the small scale DAB multiplex serving the city, Unforgettable Radio launched quietly in June 2016 offering the people of Portsmouth a radio station dedicated to some of the greatest voices and lyrics from the finest crooners and swingers, plus cool jazz. The station broadcasts local information for the Portsmouth area.

Outside of Portsmouth , listeners can find the station online at and via the TuneIn radio app.

Duncan Barkes, creator of Unforgettable Radio, said: 
“If you find yourself reaching for the sherry bottle when Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ comes on the radio for the umpteenth time, then our 24/7 jazzy and swinging festive offering is a classy alternative. The beauty of new DAB digital radio technology means more choice for discerning listeners. It might be early, but the cards and cakes are in the shops, and we want as many folk as possible to enjoy an Unforgettable Radio Christmas.”


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