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Viceland launches: How and what to watch

Long-awaited youth channel Viceland has now appeared on Sky and Now TV, expanding the range of Vice Media's online empire to linear TV.

Described as a "new TV channel for and by young people curious about life right now", Viceland promises to offer programmes about music, food, art, sex, drugs, fashion, film, sports and technology, in contrast to other youth-orientated channels that often feature wall-to-wall US dramas and comedy series.

With an emphasis on current affairs for the 16-35 age group, the channel will fill some of the void left by BBC Three's departure from linear TV platforms earlier this year.

(c) Vice Media

What's on the channel?
Regular programmes start from 8pm on the 19th September, with a spot of cookery and travel as Eddie Huang heads home to Orlando to spend Chinese New Year with his family, cooking an eclectic range of dishes, from plantain-based Puerto Rican Mofongo to slow roasted duck. At 9pm, Krishna Andavolu meets families treating their kids' life-threatening cancer with incredibly potent weed oil in new series Weediquette.

Other programme highlights include: Big Night Out - adapted from a long-running Vice UK online feature in which writer Clive Martin – dubbed ‘Vice’s own T.S. Eliot of Rave’ – joins sub-cultures on their nights out.

Hate For Beginners will follow comedian Jamali Maddix (Safeword, The John Bishop Show) as he travels Europe and America to befriend extremists, in order to discovery what motivates them. It will run to six hour-long episodes.

Needles & Pins will see tattoo artist Grace Neutral travelling the world to meet people pushing the boundaries of body art such as teens using ink to cover scars and former LA gangsters with face tattoos.

The channel will also play US series such as Gaycation, Black Market, Weediquette, Huang’s World, Noisey,States of Undress, Woman, Vice World of Sports and current affairs show Vice.

More information about programmes and schedules is available at viceland.com

How to watch...
Viceland is available on Sky channel 153. HD and SD versions of the channel are available. HD viewers will see the SD version on 284. As a result of the changes, Pick+1 has moved from 153 to 163. (Channel 283 in Northern Ireland)

In addition to Sky, Viceland is also available to users of Now TV's Entertainment Month Pass. A range of on-demand content will be also offered to Sky and Now TV viewers.

As a pay TV channel, it will not be carried on Freeview or Freesat. And a deal between Sky and the channel's operators means it won't be available on Virgin Media at launch either.

The channel is the first of a new linear TV offshoots from Vice Media across Europe. Unlike the US version of the channel, which took H2's slot, Viceland UK hasn't replaced any existing channel on Sky.


  1. The channel logo is so far off the bottom of the screen you park a double decker bus under it!!!
    And why is the HD version on non-HD sub boxes ahead of the SD version? Some utter stupidity all rolled in to one from Viceland it seems.....

  2. Surprise Surprise it's on rip-off Sky.

  3. Vice World of Sports is an excellent show, well worth seeking out. Shame they allowed Sky exclusivity.


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